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La Vie Claire Jersey

A true classic in the design of cycling jerseys has to be the La Vie Claire Jersey. It stood out from almost ever other jersey in the peloton during the years and even today its a very well know jersey.

The team raced during the 80's and it had some very well know riders on its roster during the years. besides winning the Tour de France the team is mostly well know for its battle between teammates Bernaud Hinault and Greg Lemond during the Tour de France. The team also had some other great riders like Canadian Steve Bauer and American Andy Hampsten.

Over the years the La Vie Claire cycling jersey changed slightly with different co-sponsors but the colourful block design remained constant. Co-sponsors included Radar, Toshiba, Look and Wonder.

Below you will find a few Ebay auctions that should include different versions of the La Vie Claire jersey.

We have dug through the piles of la Vie Claire racing footage on Youtune and found some classic moments. The guys might not be wearing the jersey because they had the yellow jersey and the climbing jersey but here's Greg and Hinault climbing L'Alpe d'Huez and crushing everyone else. Interview with Greg in French near the end of the clip.