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7-11 Cycling Jersey

For many North American cycling fans the name Armstrong means almost nothing. The true heros of North American cycling when its comes to European racing is the 7-11 cycling team. The team started in the early eighties and one of their claims to fame was that they were the first North American team that held the yellow jersey at the tour de France. Unfortunately they quickly lost the jersey with a terrible team time trial but thats another story.

The 7-11 cycling jersey was a classic jersey for its style and because of the history of the team. There have been a few new reproductions of this jersey. The listing from Ebay below are likely these reproductions but they are great looking retro cycling jerseys. Note sometimes you might not see any listings because of the different ways that you can spell the team name (7-11, seven eleven etc.) but you can try using the search box.

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Vintage Euro Team Cycling Cap

Some famous riders who rode for the 7-11 team included Eric Heiden who was famous for speed staking and cycling. Other riders who names you might remember include the great Andy Hampsten and Ron Keifel. Two famous Canadian cyclist, Steve Bauer and Alex Steida, both rode for the 7-11 cycling team. Note for the North American cycling history fans that Alex Steida was the first North American to wear the yellow jersey while riding for the team during the 1986 Tour de France. Here's a video clip for the famous day in history.