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Ebay Tips

If you have never bought anything from Ebay before the folks at Vintage Cycling Jersey are here to help you. Over the years we have bought and sold hundreds of items and we have never run into any problems. Here are some simple tips to help making your online shopping experience better.

Ebay Seller feedback - All Ebay sellers have the number of transactions listed near their user ID. Most important is their percentage of positive feedback. I would not recommend buying from anyone with very few transactions and anyone with under 95 per cent positive feedback. If someone is listed as a Power Seller that means they sell plenty of items on Ebay and they likely are treating sales as a business so they should provide you with some good customer service.

Shipping and Broker charges - You might find the perfect retro cycling jersey via an Ebay auction but watch out for high shipping charges. Some sellers use somewhat inflated shipping charges to make a few extra bucks. Plus watch out for the dreaded customs and brokerage charges. I avoid using UPS for international orders because of their extremely high brokerage fees.

Bid late and use no emotion - Do not overspend on any auction and the best way is try to not get caught up in the excitement of bidding. Place one bid that you are comfortable with near the end of the auction and simply wait and see if you win. Try to avoid those last minute bidding wars.

Best offer auctions - Some Ebay auctions are listed with "Best Offer" pricing options. This means the seller is usually set a fixed buy it now price but they will consider other offers. Once you have calculated out shipping charges sometimes these Best Offer Vintage Cycling Jerseys auctions can provide some good deals.