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Peugeot Cycling Jersey

Another truly classic retro cycling jersey has to be the lovely Peugeot cycling jersey that you see in our header image on this website. That jersey was famous for its simple look with the black and white design. You can see the jersey in action in the Sunday in Hell movie that is referenced on our Brooklyn jersey page.

Peugeot sponsored cycling teams for many years since they produced bicycle from the early part of the century. The list riders who rode for the team is huge with even Eddy Merckx starting his pro career with the team. The team was also signed many English riders during its time including Tom Simpson in the 1960 and riders like Robert Millar, Stephen Roche and Phil Anderson.

With so many years of history there are various versions of jerseys. The most common ones are the versions with either Esso or BP or Shell as co-sponsors of the team. Below you will see some Ebay auctions with various Peugeot jerseys listed.